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Tuscany vs Umbria
Many foreigners get confused about the differences between Tuscany and Umbria. Both are central regions of Italy and they are neighbors so Tuscany and Umbria share many things in common, but still there are significant differences. In any case, Umbria is definitely a hidden gem of Italy that is worth a discovery. Read on and decide what destination would be the best for your next vacation, or even a new home for relocation.
1) Nature, landscape: hills and mountains
2) Architecture: mostly stone built houses with gorgeous driveways
3) Quality of life: oustanding food and wine experience
4) Eco system – organic products – clean air – unpolluted environment
5) Weather: fresh, nice breeze, mild weather and many sunny days year round.
1) Mentality: Tuscan people are more cosmopolitan and self-confident, sometimes arrogant and snob. Umbrian people: are more traditional, shy, self-conscious, it is a rural area, after all
2) Prices: “Tuscany” is a very strong brand, thus high prices! Umbria is way more affordable, value for money, super honest prices!
3) Tourism: Tuscany tends to have everything designed for tourists an crowds while Umbria has is designed both by and for locals
This said, we consider and recommend Umbria as an ideal place for retirees and long term stay for families. Come and find out yourself !

Amazing landscape in Umbria

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