1. These conditions are binding for lodger and all members of his/her party, including minors and day visitors. It is the lodgers responsibility to ensure that he/she and members of his/her party are aware of and accept these conditions and its obligations. These conditions are applicable from the date of the contract until lodger and the last member of his/her party has left the lodgings and is fully complied with all obligations under the contract.

2. This contract will be dissolved (without interference of any court) in case either the first payment of 50% or the second payment of 50% of the total amount due is not paid on the agreed date of payment. The owner/agent has the right to retain the deposit.

3. Rates reflect the maximum occupancy agreed. Rates include water, electricity and cooking gas.

Heating, if requested,  is an additional charge unless otherwise noted.

4. A Security deposit of 500 euros will be due upon arrival, in cash.

5. Check in time is between 17.00 and 20.00 on the first day of the lodging period. Checkout time is before 10.00 am on the last day of the lodging period, unless different agreements have been made.

6. Lodger has the obligation to take care of the lodgings and its inventory in the way a good housefather is supposed to take care of it

7. The lodgings are fit for use for a maximum of lodgers as indicated for any period during lodgers stay.

Lodger is not allowed to give the use of or to sublet the lodgings to a third party at any time. If lodger wants to invite guests for a short stay or for parties of any kind, the owner/agent has to be informed

and consulted on all occasions. Dinner parties in the rented lodgings with more persons than the

maximum occupancy indicated are not allowed unless dinner is taken care of and served by the

management. Reservations have to be made minimum 48 hours before the planned party.

8. The property has   for the use of lodgers.

The swimming pool and is open from mid-May till the end of September depending upon the weather and

the discretion of the management.

The use of the swimming pool is at the sole risk of lodger.

Children under age and people who are not able to swim are only allowed to use the swimming pool under

supervision of one or more persons of age who are able to swim.

Children under the age of 13 should always wear a swimming belt for safety reasons.

9. The lodgings are to be used as a holiday resort. If lodger wants to use the lodgings for any other purpose – for instance as an accommodation for a wedding or a congress – this is not allowed without a written consent of the owner/agent. In this case further conditions regarding the use of the lodgings have to be agreed upon.

If lodger requires advisory services and/or assistance regarding the special event at the lodgings, a further

supplementary fee per hour per person will be charged.

10. Lodger is required to leave the lodgings as he/she found it upon arrival. In case excessive cleaning is

necessary upon departure (including but not limited to cleaning of upholstery. shampooing of the rugs).

cost of excessive cleaning and also cost of breakage, soiling or damage to the interior or exterior of the

lodging or its inventory caused by occupants will be charged to lodger.

11. If conduct of lodger or member(s) of his/her party is considered inappropriate or likely to cause harm

or discomfort to or other guests or the owner/agent/manager and/or its staff. or is a breach of this or any other contract between lodger and the owner/agent (to be judged by the owner/agent only), the owner/agent can oblige lodger and/or any member of his party to leave immediately. No refund or compensation will be given under these circumstances.

12. Cancellation Fee Policy: the owner/agent is entitled to:

– 25% of the total booking price if the cancellation occurs from the first day after the booking has been

made until 90 days prior to the beginning of the rental period.

– 50% on of the total booking price for cancellations occurring between the 89th and the 60th  day prior to the

beginning of the rental period.

– 100% of the total booking price for cancellations occurring between the 59th and the day of arrival,

If lodger has to cancel, exchanging the reserved period for a future period (within 12 months from the

original booking) this is possible. but subject to availability and the owner/agent`s acceptance.

Additional charges are due in case the booked period is changed for a period with higher rates or in case

of a general price increase. Administrative costs might also be included. The owner/agent makes no warrants or guarantees. Lodger can also choose to transfer the contract to a third party on condition that the third

party accepts the terms of the contract between the owner/agent and lodger as well as the General Conditions

and on condition that all additional costs incurred by the owner/agent are paid by lodger or this third party. The owner/agent must be given notice in writing of the transfer. In case of a transfer lodger and the third party shall jointly and separately be liable for the payment of the booking price.

13. The owner/agent of the lodgings excludes all liability for any loss of goods or for any accident by the lodgers. The owner/agent of the lodgings accepts no liability whatsoever in case of any alteration, delay or cancellation of the booking by him in case of force majeure and/or acts of God that bring about loss or severe damage of any kind of the lodgings or lead to any other kind of being not available or inaccessible of the lodgings.“Force majeure” and/or acts of God are caused for instance (but not exclusive) by wars, revolutions, terrorist activities, riots, strikes, natural disaster like floods/ storms/ earthquakes, fire, failure of public utilities,

acts of any government or public authority, changes imposed by rescheduling or cancellation of airlines,

railways or ferries, all events which are beyond the control of the owner/agent of the lodgings. In case of an event as mentioned in art. 9 the advisory services and/or assistance of the owner/agent give rise to liability, this liability shall in all circumstances be limited to a sum equal of the amount invoiced by the owner/agent in

relation to the event with a maximum of  € 2500,00-

14. In Italy, there is a law in force entitled “Protection of individuals and other subjects on the handling

of personal information” (n. 675 dated 31/12/96), better known as the “privacy law”. The law is designed to

safeguard everyone’s right to confidentiality and must be observed by all those who, for any reason, have

obtained information about other subjects. The owner/agent shall protect all data of our clients as required by

the law.

15. This agreement and the rights and obligations arising from it shall be governed by and construed in

accordance with the laws of Italy.

16. All disputes arising out of or in connection with this agreement shall be settled by the competent court

in Terni.