Cooking at Your Villa in Umbria

Stay at your beautiful villa with a cook available…

We offer to our guests an authentic Italian food and wine experience. We select the best producers in the region, and organic products and the ingredients produced respecting Umbrian traditions. There will be plenty of opportunities to enjoy our catering  services and taste these organic products.

Our beautiful villa with a cook is waiting to welcome you. We offer favorite recipes of traditional Umbrian cuisine! Everyone in the party will have a same menu (exceptions only for children).

K: Recipes recommended for kids.
F: Our favorite recipes.

Here are prices with house wine included. If you want a special or different wine, please let us know.

 35 per person: one appetizer, one entree OR one main, one dessert, tea and coffee.

 €40 per person: one appetizer, one entree AND one main, one dessert, tea and coffee.

 +5 per person  for recipes with porcini mushrooms, wild asparagus or truffles

Please advise on any food restriction or allergies in advance.

Mixed toasted bread with seasonal toppings (bruschetta) F KItalian “antipasto”
Mixed grilled vegetables Toasted bread with melted mozzarella and olives (crostini)
Toasted bread with porcini mushroomsQuail eggs with wild asparagus
Bread and tomato salad (panzanella)Quail eggs with truffles F
Mixed wild boar salami and prosciutto and cheeseGrilled Porcini mushrooms
Testo style pizza stuffed with prosciutto KSeafood salad
Mixed deep fried vegetables italian style (incl. mozzarella, zucchini flowers and vegetables) K
Spaghetti pasta with butter and parmesan K Pasta stuffed with black truffles (ravioli)
Spaghetti with tomato sauce, parmesan and basil KLasagna with tomato and meat sauce
Rigatoni pasta with egg and bacon (carbonara)Vegetarian lasagna
Fettuccine pasta with truffles F  (seasonal)Special “poor” pasta with porcini mushrooms (umbricelli)  (seasonal)
Fettuccine pasta with wild boar saucePasta soup with beans (pasta e fagioli)
Fettuccine pasta with wild asparagus  (seasonal)Zucchini parmigiana (baked with cheese)
Risotto with porcini mushrooms  (seasonal)Mixed vegetables “ratatuia” style
Risotto with vegetables (primavera) FPotatoes salad with truffles
Risotto with strawberriesEggplant parmigiana (baked with cheese)
Vegetable soup (minestrone)
Chicken with peppers (spezzatino)Baked pork (porchetta) F K
Roasted chicken KScaloppina with lemon sauce
Chicken with olives and herbs (cacciatora)Wild boar cacciatora style (with olives)
Chicken with peppers (spezzatino)Vension BBQ
Rolled meat with ham and cheese (saltimbocca) KPork steaks and sausages
Mixed salald Green salad
Tomato salad with herbsBaked potatoes
Grilled egglantSpinaci con butter and parmesan K
Green pees with prosciutto dicesPotatoes purea K
Mixed vegetables gratinèPotatoes with porcini mushrooms
Home made apple pie KZabaione cream F
Sweet cooked cream with black and red berries (panna cotta)Home made Orvieto style cake (torta orvietana)
Creme caramelLemon sorbet
Fruit saladTraditional umbrian cake “cicerchiata”
Ice cream KHome made ricotta cheese pie
Pastry with cream (millefoglie)Fruit cake (crostata)
Tiramisu cake with strawberries (or other seasonal fruit)Semifreddo F