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We are very proud to present an exciting truffle hunt and tasting program!


This is a great opportunity to join our unique truffle hunt and tasting activity during your stay.

Umbria Italy is known for a rare kind of  mushroom that is found in few places in the world: truffles. These rare fungi grow a few inches below the ground surface in Umbria and are unearthed by specially-trained dogs and pigs from October through March. You are definitely not going to want to miss the opportunity to hunt for some truffles yourself, and we can make that happen with our truffle hunting and tasting excursions.

 We will go truffle hunting in beautiful forests of Umbria with a professional truffle hunter (cavatore) and his faithful dogs. This program may include a lunch (or dinner) so that you can taste the precious tubers they you and your family just harvested. Then a delicious truffle meal with great wines is the reward!

Toasted bread with truffles
Quale eggs with truffles
Tagliatelle home made pasta with truffles
Potatoes salad with truffles
Lemon sorbet. House wine, limoncello and grappa are included

Join us and learn more about this amazing ingredient, described as “the most expensive food in the world“.

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