True Umbria and the Todi Circle


Since 2012, True Umbria has hosted the prestigious Todi Circle. A meeting of specialists in the field of photography.  A group composed by curadors, collectors, academics, dealers, publishers and, obviously, photographers. These professionals meet for a week to discuss “the futures of photography”. This unique event has involved institutions such as the MET of New York, the Centre Pompidou and others. Internationally renowned photographers such as Simon Norfolk, Ed Burtinski, Olivo Barbieri have joined the Circle over the years.The morning sessions take place in our Boutique hotel Acquaghiaccia.  Afternoons are dedicated to visits to the surrounding hilltowns. In the evenings beautiful dinners are hosted by a group of so-called “Amici of the Todi Circle”. Over the years, many books have been donated to us by our guests in order to put together a photography library.  The resource center is located in the city center of the town of Todi. The library is open by appointment to researchers and scholars, and currently includes about 300 books,

The founder of the Todi Circle is William A. Ewing, one of the most influencial curators in the fileld,  Bill is joined by Mario Santoro – Woith, a photo-artist based in Todi, who provides the logistics for the event.

The next edition of the Todi Circle will take place in June 2024. For the following year, 2025, we are working in a reunion of all 132 fellows, stay tuned….

Mario Santoro-Woith

The 2023 Group in Todi

William A. Ewing and Michael Sonnenfeldt - Todi Circle 2023

The 2023 edition has been supported by the MUUS collection and by FEP, Minneapolis