Gorgeous lanscapes in Umbria

Moving to the green heart of Italy, Umbria


Why are many foreigners up for moving to Umbria Italy? The sunshine, spectacular landscapes, quality food and wine and so much more… are ticked in the list for an ideal relocation choice.

“Where are you?” is typically the  first question asked in any cell phone conversation. In a time where it is so easy and fast to communicate with a few clicks, we have gained the freedom of moving from one place to the other without losing contact with our clients, business partners or our friends and family. Everyone we want to get in touch with is only an email or a text away. Ironically, most of our contacts won’t even notice that we are on the other side of the world unless we tell them.

Many people take advantage of this freedom and leave London, New York and similarly busy capitals for a getaway to mystical places where they can have very high quality of life with a fraction of the money that they used to spend for their apartments in a polluted and busy town. Not just a rendezvous place for  lovers, or a dreamy tower for a writer, Umbria is a place offering many other attractions for couples with small children as well or families seeking for better changes in their lives.  

A tranquil paradise, greeting you with scenic countryside and medieval hill towns, Umbria truly has come to be the love of many foreigners who were simply looking for the perfect place to relocate or spend quality time. With captivating countryside and safe and secure surroundings, it is also fairly priced, gloriously beautiful and easy accessible. Umbria has been more often than not called the spiritual soul of Italy. As well, the Umbrian people are extremely friendly, welcoming and helpful and have have welcomed foreigners with open arms.

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The cost of an apartment in this beautiful little town can be incredibly low, starting from 500 euros per month or a most pristine villa with a private pool costing around 2000 euros per month. Noticeably, in the past five years, the community of foreigners who have settled in Umbria has been growing constantly. In the town of Acqualoreto, a quaint hamlet, and considerably one of the prettiest medieval borgos, every Wednesday, in a tiny lovely coffee shop, all those new inhabitants meet to hang out and exchange ideas about their experience.

Across the piazza, a family run Italian restaurant serves delicious pasta dishes. An easy drive away are the unchanged hill towns of Umbria, filled with historical buildings which are a haven for artists and couples, architects and those interested in history. It is no wonder there is a natural migration there, with most inhabitants settling happily with their body, soul and heart in Umbria for a lifetime. If you’re looking to relocate to Umbria, and looking for a medium or long term rental, please contact True Umbria.  We would be happy to provide you with information, suggestions and practical tips. Contacts us here.

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