Features your villa should have !


What features your villa should have to bring the best comfort to the guests? Below is some sharing from Mario – an expert in villa rental service in Italy and this will help you better equip your properties

The two absolutely essential factors for success are being able to offer the right type of home and, in a shared first place, excellent marketing for the object.

When I talk about the type, it concerns characteristics that the modern tourist has in his or her requirements package. The right materials, appearance, interior etc. Not too rustic, not too modern but exactly the right mix that makes you feel at home, with local touches, but above all with the comfort you’re used to at home.

Rustic is out, trendy is in.The big rental companies are raising the bar for landlords and many are now lagging behind. Mosquito netting, air conditioning, fast internet, en-suite bathrooms, large modern open kitchens, nice swimming pool, the list goes on!

In terms of size, most demand for 3 bedrooms, not isolated in terms of location, but close to amenities and preferably within walking distance of a cappuccino.In order to achieve a good result in this market, advertising on the standard portals is no longer sufficient. I myself, for example, manage several houses with good results, but I also spent a lot of time, money and attention on marketing. As one of the few, I also explore long-term rentals, also only for foreign clients. However, I would like to say straight away that the biggest challenge is heating costs. gas is extremely expensive here and the old stone houses are difficult to heat. Underfloor heating and a system with a heat pump are indispensable for rental outside the summer season. The average price of a (3 bedroom) home that meets the above story is around 500 -700.000  It depends on the area as well, Umbria is very diverse and in some areas the prices are higher or lower than elsewhere. That also reflects in the demand for holiday homes that are usually slightly lower in cheaper areas.

A good option in the current market is to find a house that is for sale at a reasonable price in need of a makeover but that is (structurally) in good condition. With new bathrooms, kitchen and gadgets you can often find an attractive deal. Many people shudder from the idea of ​​having to work with Italian contractors, but  work with the group of www.renovatinginumbria.com that can take care of everything and from A to Z, and that I can wholeheartedly recommend!

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