IMPORTANT INFORMATION – Please read carefully !


True Umbria – Villa Cipresso –

True Umbria – Villa Carina –

Please use only Gmaps: other navigation systems do not indicate the villas in the correct way. Once you are in the area, check your phone for roaming service and make sure you are set on Wind, or Iliad, or Tre. Only these three networks work in the area

To enter the property, you will find this electric gate:

To open, digit this code on the keyboard that you will find on your left hand side (no need to exit the car):

ON 5888 OK 


Mario’s cell +39 347 570 7148 

Villa Carina landline +39 0744 455536

Villa Cipresso landline +39 0744 455224

Mario’s land line at home +390759976014 (please use only if Mario cannot be reached on his cell phone)



The road leading to the Villa, in some parts, is very steep and covered with gravel:

FIAT and Volkswagen with front wheel transmission are perfect.

 Audi and BMW are not really suitable.

 A SUV or a 4×4 would be perfect !

On our access road: please always give way to cars coming uphill


Please recycle paper, plastic, metal,  glass. Please bring your trash to the bins outside the main gate (the electric one) –


Please squeeze the plastic bottles before placing in the trash. Space saving reasons !

If you don’t want to remove your trash, we can do it for you at the end of your stay. There is a fee of Euro 250 per week


if you use sunbathing oil, or cream, please take a showerwith soap  before entering the pool. Those products seriously affect the filtration process and can cause the water of the pool to become green and awful in no time. If this will happen, you will be charged the cost of refilling the pool (water + chlorine and other products). 

If you find the robot working in the pool, please let it be. Do not touch it. You can use the pool while the robot is working..

The pool has to be cleaned almost every day. This usually happens in the morning. If you would like to be told in advance when someone is coming for maintenance/gardening etc, please let Mario know, and we will text you one hour before coming over to the villa


Dogs, and pets in general, are welcome at the property. There is an extra cost of Euro 70 for each pet per week. We take no responsibility in case pets get hurt by accidents or by other animals. There might be dogs wandering around or near the property, and we take no responsability for unfortunate encounters. Please note that the owner of the property has 2 “Maremmano Sheppards”: super friendly and accustumed to meeting the dogs of our guests, and so far, there has never been a problem, but you never know. Wadi and Roma (the Maremmano Sheppards) are locked up from 8.30AM to 8.30PM. The lodger is obliged to inform owner at the time of the booking if he intends to bring any kind of pets providing to the owner with all the details. Aggressive dogs are not allowed, and the breed of the dog, and possibly a photograph has to be emailed to the owner before confirming the booking.


If you want a pre arrival grocery purchase and/or if you would like us to cook for you during your stay, please let us know in advance. We offer a dinner with preparation: table setting, serving and clean up, or delivery of cooked food ready for you to serve and eat !!! We use ingredients from local farms and need to plan in advance 😉 We are also big fans of local wines, so if you would like to find a selection of local wines at the villa upon arrival, just ask ! And please don’t forget our organic olive oil.

Also available is a great massagist/phisiotherapist/ personal trainer/yoga instructor available to come to the villa

Hours of maid service or baby sitting, if requested, will be charged at Euro 15 per hour. We also offer children’s activities. Please ask for details


The house water comes from a spring, and it is of excellent quality and drinkable, we think it is much better than most of the bottled waters you will find in the market (we had it analyzed) Please avoid plastic, if you can !!!


All doors are closed from inside. When you leave, lock the main door gate with the chain/lockpad

There is a cat occasionally staying at the property. His name is James. He doesn’t enter the house.

The coffee machine is a “Lavazza a modo mio”. And these are the capsules you will have to buy:


Please do not throw anything other than toilet paper in the toilets: please no tampax etc – You will be charged for any damage caused 🙁

This is a very windy area. Please make sure that the shutters are always securely hooked. If you want to leave a window open, please also make sure that they are securely hooked. The same applies to the gate, please keep it closed !


in the months of July and August it is forbidden or make any kind of outdoor fires.

 In the other months, fires are permitted, but please let us know so we can provide you with the right information and the firewood (which is at an extra cost).

During the summer months, we are experiencing a serious lack of water, so please use water with moderation and responsability. Water is a limited resource.


Recharging electric cars 


Heating (if requested)

Cooling (only at Villa Cipresso)

There is an extra charge of 70 euros per week per each pet


Upon departure, please do not throw away food. Just leave it in the house. We reuse it for our animals, chickens, piglets, etc.

Please leave the property as you would leave your own house. We appreciate that. Please remove your trash.

Reviews are also important. We love you for spending time on that ! Please ask Mario for a link to write your review. This is greatly appreciated.

The staff makes every effort to make your stay enjoyable. They have agreed to share any tips you might like to offer. Please give this money to Mario  so that your gratuity can be divided and given to each of the staff members (gardener, maids, others).