olive oil tasting
olive oil tasting

Olive oil tasting activity will bring you to the olive farm and see how olive oil is locally produced. Then you can bring home some bottle of the best olive oil in the world.

Book our olive oil tasting activity to see and taste one of the best olive oil products in the world. Olive oil in this region has been awarded with many important prices and recognition. Most of the times the groves are family owned and managed, and the oil pressed in small community mills. Olive harvest and pressing is a big community and family party, and local crowds get together and have a lot of fun when the olives are harvested and pressed.

Our local community mill offers the possibility to participate in such extraordinary activities, by joining the harvest in the morning. It is followed by the pressing and the tasting in the afternoon. You will learn a lot about this extraordinary product and the just pressed oil is incredibly scented, fragrant and delicious.

We will enjoy the result of pressing with bruschetta cheese and other delicacies in the autumn sunshine. These activities take place only in October and November.

Price: €60 per person.

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