Cooking Classes in Umbria

Cooking classes in Umbria, a step closer to authentic Italian food journey!

Spend a vacation in Umbria with your friends and family in a private villa and enjoy a unique culinary adventure with cooking classes in Umbria. We are open for a customized program based on your wishes.

About Cooking Classes In Umbria

Our cooking classes in Umbria activities take place at lunch or dinner time. Cooking classes and demonstrations are led by Mario Santoro occasionally accompanied by local food and wine experts.

A casual lunch or dinner will follow these activities. Guests will enjoy the fruits of their labor and enjoy conversation with our local experts.

Price: 60 Euro per person (includes food, house wine, limoncello and grappa.)

Children under the age of 6 do not pay, but please advise us of any children when you book.



True Umbria - Cooking Class - umbria holiday villa

It’s a great opportunity to learn how to make Fettuccine pasta at Home.
Different seasonal dressings will be prepared to create a complete pasta  meal. You will be able to impress your friends with authentic Italian dishes when returning home!


True Umbria - Mario Santoro-cooking classes in Umbria

The best ristotto rice in the world is produced in the northern part of Italy. Learn about different rice varietes and which one works best for your risotto recipe.

We can prepare the classic risotto zafferano, or the risotto primavera (Cipriani recipe), or  more creative risotto recipes such as with cherries, or lemon, or who knows what else… !


Let’s learn how to make an Italian pizza in a wood oven. This activity is specially recommended if you have children with you. They can have fun by making all the toppings they like !

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