True Umbria - Mario Santoro

Our mission is to fulfill the needs of each guest searching for the perfect property. Whether it is for a vacation, or for relocating, our efforts are focused on allowing great comfort and rest in an authentic Italian atmosphere and environment.

“Mario must be doing something right!”- Sunday Post


We are the local food and wine specialists, strongly connected with the local organic farms. This allows us to offer to our guests great tastings, such as truffles, olive oil, wine and other special local products. We are environmentally concerned, and use energy and natural resources with respect and moderation. Come nd stay with us for a vacation in touch with nature, great food, culture, history and art.


Mario has been living in Umbria for the past 15 years. In this region, Mario has created an ideal microcosm and ecological environment, where he promulgates the best Umbrian wines and the highest quality food. This is the result of his constant research and accurate work. In fact, in Umbria, both great wines and olive oil are produced. Also, the best truffles are to be found here.

Mario Santoro – Woith devoted much of his life to his artistic career as a fine art photographer. He has exhibited his works in the USA, Japan and Europe. In Umbria, he restored a 400 squared meters photography studio where he continues creating his Art.And cooking !

True Umbria - Mario Santoro
True Umbria - Mario Santoro
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